The timeHeaders property is an array that specifies time headers of the Scheduler component.

Each time header row will use the specified group size. You can customize the height and date format.


DayPilot.Scheduler.timeHeaders (array)


Item properties:

  • groupBy (string; group size)
  • format (string; date/time format; optional)
  • height (number; row height in pixels; optional  - overrides headerHeight)

Possible values of groupBy property:

  • "Default" - uses the value specified in cellGroupBy (used for backwards compatibility)
  • "Cell" - uses a group size corresponding to cell size defined using scale
  • "Hour"
  • "Day"
  • "Week"
  • "Month"
  • "Quarter"
  • "Year"
  • "None"

Possible values of format property:

Default Value

[ {"groupBy": "Default"}, {"groupBy": "Cell"} ];

See Also


dp.timeHeaders = [
  { groupBy: "Month", format: "MMMM yyyy" },
  { groupBy: "Day", format: "d"}