The resources property (array) specifies resources that will be displayed as rows in the JavaScript Scheduler.

Resource Structure (Properties)

Required properties:

  • id (string | number) - resource ID; the row will display all events where the resource value matches the resource ID

  • name (string) - resource name; it will be displayed in the default row header column

Optional properties:

  • areas (array) - an array of active areas

  • backColor (string) - background color (CSS format)

  • bubbleHtml (string) - static bubble HTML

  • fontColor (string) - foreground color (CSS format)

  • cellsAutoUpdated (boolean) - refresh cells in this row after every change  (see also JavaScript Scheduler: Displaying Group Availability)

  • cellsDisabled (boolean) - disables all cells in this row

  • children (array) - an array of child resources

  • columns (array) - an array of row header columns (items support html, cssClass, and backColor properties) - only applicable when rowHeaderColumnsMode is set to "Legacy"

  • cssClass (string) - custom CSS class

  • contextMenu (string | DayPilot.Menu) - custom context menu

  • dynamicChildren (boolean) - if set to true, the children will be loaded dynamically on expand

  • emptyHeight (number) - height of an empty row (see also rowEmptyHeight)

  • eventHeight (number) - default event height for this resource (in pixels)

  • eventStackingLineHeight (number) - overrides eventStackingLineHeight for this row

  • expanded (boolean) - sets the tree node expanded/collapsed state

  • html (string) - if specified, the html value will be used instead of "name" in the row header

  • marginBottom (number) - overrides rowMarginBottom for this row

  • marginTop (number) - overrides rowMarginTop for this row

  • maxLines (number) - sets the maximum number of lines that display concurrent events within a row (available since 2023.1.5515)

  • minHeight (number) - overrides rowMinHeight for this row

  • moveDisabled (boolean) - disables row moving for this row

  • start (DayPilot.Date) - custom row start (available since 2024.2.5924)

  • tags (object) - custom data object

  • toolTip (string) - hover tooltip text


Resource tree:

dp.resources = [
  { name: "Room A", id: "A", expanded: true, children:[
    { name : "Room A.1", id : "A.1" },
    { name : "Room A.2", id : "A.2" }
  { name: "Room B", id: "B" },
  { name: "Room C", id: "C" }