An array of sort direction strings. It is used to determine the sorting direction values specified in array.


The sample events will be sorted using value specified in "sort" array. The "sort" array values are arbitrary - in this case the first value holds an event type, the second value holds a creation date. The sorting is activated by specifying .sortDirections property. It is only applied to concurrent events (they must overlap, at least partially).

 The events will be compared using the first field in ascending order and if this value is equal they will be compared using the second value in descending order.

dp.sortDirections = ["asc", "desc"]; = [
  { id: 1, text: "Event 1", start: "2016-01-01", end: "2016-01-02", resource: "A", sort: [ "type1", "2016-01-01T:12:30" ]},
  { id: 2, text: "Event 2", start: "2016-01-01", end: "2016-01-02", resource: "A", sort: [ "type1", "2016-01-01T:12:32" ]}

In this example "Event 2" will be displayed as the first one.