The onRowEdit event is fired when the inline editing of a JavaScript Scheduler row header cell is finished. The onRowEdit event is fired before the default action specified using rowEditHandling.

The updated value is submitted in the following cases:

  • The row editing input box loses focus.
  • The user hits <enter>

Hitting <esc> cancels the editing. The args.canceled value will be set to true in this case and the cell value will not be updated.




  • args.async (boolean) - set this value to true to enable asynchronous processing; it will continue when you call args.loaded()
  • args.canceled (boolean; readonly) - indicates that the user pressed <esc> to end editing
  • args.newText (string) - new text; since version 2023.1.5513 it is possible to modify this value
  • args.row - DayPilot.Row object (prior to version 2207 it is accessible as args.resource)
  • args.x (number) - cell index (if row header columns are defined; available since 2023.1.5513)
  • args.loaded() - notifies the Scheduler that event handling should continue (applies if args.async was set to true)
  • args.preventDefault() - cancels the default action (defined using rowEditHandling)