The onEventMoved event is fired when an event is dropped at the new location during moving, after the default action (eventMoveHandling) has been executed.

See also onEventMove event.




  • args.areaData - value of the data property of the active area that was used as drag handle

  • args.e - event object (DayPilot.Event)

  • args.multimove - an array of all events being moved during multi-moving (and their new positions)

  • args.newStart - target position start (DayPilot.Date)

  • args.newEnd - target position end (DayPilot.Date)

  • args.newResource - target resources id (number | string)

  • args.external - external source status (boolean)

  • args.ctrl - ctrl key pressed status (boolean)

  • args.shift - shift key pressed status (boolean)

  • args.meta - meta key pressed status (boolean)

  • args.position - see event position

The args.multimove array items have the following structure:

  • args.multimove[].event - DayPilot.Event object

  • args.multimove[].start - new start (DayPilot.Date)

  • args.multimove[].end - new end (DayPilot.Date)

  • args.multimove[].resource - new resource (string | number)

The args.multimove array includes the main event as well (args.e).


The args.e object is already updated (it uses the newStart, newEnd, and newResource values).


dp.onEventMoved = function (args) {
  dp.message("Moved: " + args.e.text());