The onTaskMoving event is fired by the Gantt Chart repeatedly during drag and drop task box moving, whenever the position changes.


  • args.allowed (boolean) - determines whether it is possible to drop the task at this location (read/write)

  • args.control (DayPilot.Gantt) - the component reference

  • args.ctrl (boolean) - Ctrl key pressed (read-only)

  • args.shift (boolean) - Shift key pressed (read-only)

  • args.meta (boolean) - Meta key pressed (read-only)

  • args.alt (boolean) - Alt key pressed (read-only)

  • args.cssClass (string) - CSS class to be added to the shadow (read/write)

  • args.duration (DayPilot.Duration) - duration of the event

  • args.html (string) - inner HTML of the shadow object

  • args.multimove - an array of all events being moved during multi-moving (and their new positions)

  • args.task - holds a DayPilot.Task object representing the task (read-only)

  • args.start (DayPilot.Date) - current position start (read/write)

  • args.end (DayPilot.Date) - current position end (read/write)

  • args.ctrl (boolean) - indicates the state of the Ctrl key

  • args.left.html (string) - HTML of the start indicator (read/write)

  • args.left.enabled (boolean) - whether the start indicator should be displayed (read/write)

  • args.right.html (string) - HTML of the end indicator (read/write)

  • args.right.enabled (boolean) - whether the end indicator should be displayed (boolean) (read/write)


onTaskMoving: (args) => {
  args.left.html = args.start.toString("d MMMM yyyy");