• args.task (DayPilot.Task)
  • args.row.html (string)
  • args.row.backColor (string)
  • args.row.columns (array, see below)
  • args.row.cssClass (string)
  • args.row.toolTip (string)
  • args.row.contextMenu (DayPilot.Menu object or the variable name)
  • args.row.areas (array) - for object structure see DayPilot.Area properties

The columns property is available only when Gantt row header columns are defined. It is an array, indexed from 0. Column object structure:

  • html (string) - row header column HTML

If columns are defined, the args.row.html value is ignored - use args.row.columns[0].html instead.

As of DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 7.9 SP1 this event is fired in real time (whenever the row is rendered) and the following properties are not available:

  • args.row.expanded
  • args.row.minHeight (integer)
  • args.row.marginBottom (integer)

You need to define them in the task data if you want to use them.


gantt.onBeforeRowHeaderRender = function(args) {
  var duration = new DayPilot.TimeSpan(args.task.end().getTime() - args.task.start().getTime());
  var html =  duration.toString("d") + "d " + duration.toString("h") + "h";
  args.row.columns[2].html = html;