Holds the raw Gantt task data. Use this structure when passing event data to DayPilot.Task() constructor.

Core properties

  • id (string)
  • text (string)
  • start (DayPilot.Date or string convertible to DayPilot.Date)
  • end (DayPilot.Date or string convertible to DayPilot.Date; optional for type: "Milestone")
  • type (optional, "Task" if not specified)
  • complete (optional, integer; 0 if not specified)
  • children (optional, array of child tasks)
  • tags (custom properties)

Optional box properties (box)

  • box.areas (array of objects with properties defined in DayPilot.Area class)
  • box.backColor
  • box.backImage
  • box.backRepeat
  • box.barBackColor
  • box.barColor
  • box.barHidden
  • box.bubbleHtml (string, static bubble HTML)
  • box.clickDisabled (boolean, set to true to disable event click)
  • box.contextMenu
  • box.cssClass
  • box.doubleClickDisabled (boolean, set to true to disable event double click)
  • box.html (if not specified, complete percentage is used for tasks, empty string for groups and milestone)
  • box.htmlLeft (string; text next to the left side of the task box)
  • box.htmlRight (string; text next to the right side of the task box - if not specified, text is used)
  • box.moveDisabled (boolean, set to true to disable event moving)
  • box.resizeDisabled (boolean, set to true to disable event resizing)
  • box.rightClickDisabled (boolean, set to true to disable event right click)
  • box.toolTip (if not specified, text is used)

Optional row properties (row)

  • row.html
  • row.hidden
  • row.areas (array)
  • row.toolTip
  • row.backColor
  • row.cssClass 
  • row.contextMenu
  • row.collapsed
  • row.marginBottom
  • row.minHeight


  id: 1
  start: "2015-01-01T09:00:00",
  end: "2015-01-01T13:00:00",
  text: "Task 1",
  box: {
    cssClass: "my-task",
    resizeDisabled: true
  row: {
    html: "Task 1 (important)"