Declaration, options)


  • date (DayPilot.Date or ISO 8601 string) - the date to be selected
  • options - custom options object (optional)

Custom options:

  • dontFocus (boolean) - set to true if you don't want the Navigator to autofocus (change the visible range according to the selected date)
  • dontNotify (boolean) - set to true if you don't want onTimeRangeSelect/onTimeRangeSelected to be fired


  • The selected date will be extended according to the currect selectMode.
  • If the new date/range is within the currently visible range, the visible range will be updated.
  • VisibleRangeChanged event (onVisibleRangeChanged) will be fired if it was necessary to update the visible range.
  • TimeRangeSelected event (onTimeRangeSelected) will be fired if the selection was changed.