The method returns an array of events displayed by the JavaScript Scheduler component that overlap the specified time range.

You can use this method to find events that are displayed in a Scheduler cell or a custom range. The result will include events that overlap the specified date/time range by at least one millisecond.

To get the DayPilot.Row object that represents a Scheduler row, you can use the rows.find() method.

Declaration, end);


  • start - start date/time (DayPilot.Date or string in ISO 8601 format)
  • end - end date/time (DayPilot.Date or string in ISO 8601 format) 

Return Value

An array of DayPilot.Event objects.


const dp = new DayPilot.Scheduler("dp");

// ...

const events = dp.rows.find("R1").events.forRange("2023-01-10T00:00:00", "2023-01-15T00:00:00");