The position property (string) specifies the bubble position relative to the source object.

The bubble will always try to fit into the current browser window. The position will be adjusted accordingly - in that case it doesn't have to follow the position value exactly.

Possible Values

  • "Above" - the bubble will be displayed above the target element (default)
  • "Right" - the bubble be be displayed on the right side of the target element; available since 2023.1.5488
  • "Mouse" - the bubble left top will be at the current mouse cursor position

The "Above" value is available since version 2020.1.4245. In prior versions, use "EventTop". The legacy "EventTop" value will be translated to "Above" in the latest version.

Default Value



const bubble = new DayPilot.Bubble({
  position: "Mouse",
  // ...